Sustainable Product Design - Understanding the Difference

Sustainable product design in the broadest sense is socially responsible, eco-friendly, values equality and and honors artisans in communities across the world. When we commit to sustainability, we commit to leading a lifestyle that’s not just more beneficial for ourselves, but for our surroundings as well. If you are not eco-friendly yet, here are four reasons to think about it. HEALTHIER ENVIRONMENT– When we choose products that are natural, we are choosing not only a healthier lifestyle, but also choosing to reduce pollutants that contaminate our environment.  Eco-friendly products are known for being good for our world – in other words, we are not harming the environment in getting what we want or need. We have one earth so let’s treat it well.

FAIR TRADE PARTNERSHIPS – Sustainable development often comes from fair trade partnerships, which seek greater equity in international trade. These partnerships contribute to sustainable development by offering better trading conditions while maintaining dignity of work and self-sufficiency for marginalized workers worldwide. PERSONALLY REWARDING - Choosing sustainable products is rewarding personally because plain and simple, we are doing something good for the world.  And face it, when we contribute to the world, we have an increased sense of purpose and a healthier well-being. Let’s say YES to healthier living! HEALTHIER FUTURE FOR OUR KIDS – Many source experts on sustainable development will quote the saying in their writings – “we do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children”. By choosing sustainable products, we are choosing to make the world a better place, which only improves the chances of a better future for our kids.

Keeping these inspiring reasons in mind, White Ivy Interiors seeks sustainable product design by sourcing from artisan communities in Africa, Ecuador and Bangladesh.  We aspire with our selections to lower the impact on our world's resources while at the same time increasing economic opportunities and preserving the artisan traditions of these communities. Individually as well as within our brand, we challenge ourselves to make conscious choices for our lifestyle.

Without sacrificing beauty and functionality, we offer you our carefully selected line of accessories. We know that you will love the eco-friendly materials and artistically-inspired designs that are woven into each craft.