Rosewood Table Runner - White Wash Finish


Add this table runner to your indoor or outdoor dinner table for added texture and depth. The runner is hand-crafted from recycled grade A rosewood and then given a white wash finish. It  is not only natural looking but durable as well. Perfect for use in any space in a home, rosewood is unaffected by moisture in the bathroom, elegant enough to grace the dining table, sturdy enough to hold up in the kitchen and have just the right natural accents for a living or bedroom.

Pair this table runner up with our white wash rosewood coasters and placemats for a beautiful table setting! 

Each piece of this table runner is individually hand-crafted out of small pieces of recycled rosewood that would otherwise be destroyed. 

Dimensions & More Details
Measures 12 in x 53 in x .28 in
Guaranteed to lie flat on uneven surfaces.

How to Care for Item
Simply wipe clean with a damp cloth
Flexible so it can be rolled up for easy storage.

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