At White Ivy Interiors, we combine our love of unique design with our commitment to earth friendly and responsibly made goods.  Our look is casual yet sophisticated, emphasizing  designs that blend natural fabrics with color and texture. Our hand-selected artisans are passionate about their creations and how they are crafted. Together we inspire a different experience for you, our customer - one in which you feel that you have contributed to a healthier world. Our goal is to help you find that special item - whether it be beautiful yet practical storage ideas to help you organize, protect or stow way, a chic tote for those weekend getaways or  a night out or even a piece of basket art to display in your living space.  We quite simply want you to enjoy your experience with us. And along the way, if you have any questions or comments, please contact us. We value your comments and feedback!

At the core, White Ivy Interiors operates on imagination, creativity and problem solving. We support this vision by focusing on goods that are functional and artistically designed yet responsibly made. 

What could be a more beautiful place to live than the Pacific Northwest!  We hold this area of the world near and dear to our hearts and feel this area is unsurpassed with its combination of mountains, saltwater coastline and freshwater lakes. With the fresh outdoor space right out our back door, we know we can hit the trails or lakes within minutes. It's often there where we come up with our best ideas for White Ivy Interiors. As with our journey in nature, so is our journey with our business and getting to know each one of you.